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Crewkerne Recycling Centre:  
A payment barrier is in operation at Crewkerne Community Recycling Site to automate collection of the £2 entry fee and the issuing of receipts.
The barrier will take the exact amount of the £2 entry fee in cash, accepting only these coins: £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p and 5p. It cannot accept notes or give change.
Entry fees were introduced in April 2011 for four Community Recycling Sites, including Crewkerne, to avoid their closure.
There are no extra costs at Crewkerne to deposit rubbish or almost 30 household materials for recycling, including beverage cartons and low-energy light bulbs, but charges for hardcore, soil, tyres and gas bottles are in addition to the entry fee and start at £2.90. 
Opening Hours:
Monday          –      8am to 7pm
Tuesday         –     8am to 4pm
Wednesday    –     8am to 4pm
Thursday    –     Closed
Friday        –     Closed
Saturday        –     8am to 4pm
Sunday           –     8am to 1pm