External Audit 16-17

Merriott Parish Council's accounts for the 2016-17 financial year have been signed off by the external auditor. 

Further details: External Audit - Notice of Conclusion of Audit 16-17.pdf

Transparency Code

Smaller Parish Councils are now obliged to publish more information about their activities and accounts as part of the new Transparency Code.  As a slightly larger Council, Merriott does not fall under the current Transparency Code regulations but is publishing the information by way of good practice.

The following information will be published here over the next few weeks:

* A list of all items of expenditure over £100

* End of Year Accounts - Signed EOY Bank Reconciliation 16-17.pdf

* Annual Governance Statement - Signed Annual Governance Stmt 16-17.pdf

* Internal Audit Report - Internal Auditor Report 16-17.pdf

* List of Councillor responsibilities - Please see Parish Council homepage on this site 

* Details of Assets - Assets Register November 2016.pdf

* Minutes, agendas and associated papers - all listed under separate Parish Council pages on this website - http://merriottvillage.btck.co.uk/ParishCouncil/LatestMinutes  

Other Useful Information

Link to Register of Interests

MPC Model Publication Scheme Dec 2016.pdf


MPC Model-Financial-Regulations-updated-April-2014.pdf