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    Merriott Messenger

    The Merriott Messenger is published 11 months per year (not January) and is delivered free to all properties (over 870) in the Parish.  It carries news from the Parish Council, contacts for village organisations and  news of village events past, present and forthcoming.  Free copies can be collected from Osborne's Broadway.

    The Messenger is supported by the Parish Council, by sponsorship from local businesses and by distribution of leaflets, about events and offers, and questionnaires.

    Sponsorship is currently £105 per year for a small announcement box in 10 months and a large announcement one month. Charges for leaflet distribution are from £25 upwards.
    Enquiries about sponsorship and distribution of leaflets etc should be made to John Bowman on 01460 74077.  Contributions for  printing in the Messenger should be directed to Jane Jackson 01460 74162 or
    via email:  merriottmessenger@gmail.com

    The MESSENGER – YOUR means of village communication.

    The Messenger has been published in its present form for 10 years. We aim to provide a range of news and useful information, such as contacts for village organisation and forthcoming events. We listen to what the villagers think about what is included and how it is presented. We also listen to the grapevine, but if you have a comment please contact one of the editorial team,
    who meet monthly to discuss the next issue. 
    Articles (preferably brief and with pictures) are welcome and news items are especially appreciated.

    We currently have 41 sponsors whose support is greatly appreciated – without it there would be no Merriott Messenger. 

    The Messenger is your independent, village paper for all types of news, including Council news. (If you wish to contact the Council please get in touch with the Clerk.)

    We try to make it useful to you – so, what do we get right, what is wrong and what should we add in future? It is your village  newsletter.