Merriott Gun Club

The club consists of members of all ages, and abilities who enjoy clay
shooting in a safe and responsible environment. We tend to shoot on
alternate Sundays throughout the year at several different locations in
Merriott and the surrounding area, we also organize several evening
shoots in the Summer months which normally also include a barbecue.

We are fully insured and have several experienced shots who are always
willing to supervise young or inexperienced newcomers.  The club has an
array of automatic and manual traps that allow us to set up several
sporting clay stands which we can tailor to the specific site.

The Club bulk buys clays and 12 gauge cartridges and provides them at cost
price for members and guests, however members and guests are expected to
help pick up unbroken clays and pack up the traps at the end of the
day.  You can of course use your own cartridges, however they MUST be
fibre wad.

Members must hold a valid shotgun licence, however
guests who do not have a license are also welcome and may shoot under

For more information see our website
or contact Nigel Witcombe -