New regulations relating to data and privacy came into force in May 2018.  The Parish Council is a data controller and is complying with GDPR.  Please read the Council's Privacy Notice here, other supporting information will be published on the Policies page of the PC's webpage.

    Merriott PC-PRIVACY NOTICE - GENERAL PUBLIC March 2019.pdf



    CHAIRMAN: Mr I Hall

    MEMBERS: Mr S Ashton, Mr D Aslett, Mr J Shorting,  Mr G Wright, Mr M Burnham, Mr J Graham, Mrs N Rochford, 

                     Ms Caro Paine

    CLERK: Julie Chant -

    The Parish Council usually meets the second Monday of each month at
    19.00hrs at the Blake Room in Merriott Village Hall off Broadway.

    For all information regarding the Council please contact the Chairman on or 01460 73771.

    There are currently vacancies on the Parish Council.  If you would like to find out a bit more about joining and what the role of Parish Councillor involves, please feel free to contact either the Clerk or Chair for an informal discussion.

    WORKING GROUPS (As of May 2018):

    Planning and Planning Matters: Cllrs  D Aslett, S Ashton, M Burnham, J Graham

    Finance and Procedures: Cllrs I Hall, J Shorting

    Highways and Footpaths: Cllrs M Burnham, G Wright, N Rochford

    Amenities (includes Burial Ground): Cllrs J Shorting, D Aslett

    Open Spaces: Cllrs J Shorting, I Hall, D Aslett, J Graham, C Paine

    Merriott Messenger: Cllr I Hall

    School Liaison: c/o Chair

    ANNUAL AUDIT 2018/19

    The AGAR for 2018 - 19 has been submitted to the External Auditor. The supporting documentation is published here:

    Annual Governance Statements 18-19Annual Governance Statement 2018-19.pdf

    Accounting Statements 18-19  Accounting Statement 2018-19.pdf

    Internal Auditor report 2018-19 Internal audit report 2018-19.pdf

    End of Year Bank reconciliation 2018-19  END OF YEAR BANK RECONCILIATION 2018-19.pdf

    Explanation of Variances 2018-19 Copy of explanation-of-variances-2018-19_0(7944).pdf

    Confirmation of dates for the public inspection period  dates_of_the_period_for_the_exercise_of_public_rights_2018-19[7942].pdf

    Notice of conclusion of audit

    notice of closure.pdf

    ANNUAL AUDIT 2017/18

    The AGAR for 2017-18 has been submitted to the external auditor.  New Audit arrangements apply this year.  The supporting documentation is published here:

    Annual Governance Statements 17-18 SIGNED Annual Governance Stmts 17-18.pdf

    Accounting Statements 17-18 SIGNED Accounting Stmts 17-18.pdf

    Internal Auditor report 17-18 Internal auditor report 17-18.pdf

    Notification of the commencement of public inspection period Merriott PC - arrangements for public inspection notice.docx

    End of Year Bank Reconciliation 17-18 Merriott PC - EOY Bank Rec 2017-18.pdf

    Explanation of Significant Variances 17-18 Merriott PC explanation_of_variances_2017-18.pdf

    External Auditor Report and Certificate  

    SO0182 S3.pdf

    Notice of Conclusion of Audit

    closure for website.pdf

    ANNUAL AUDIT 2016/17

    Declaration of status of published accounts - Declaration of status of account 16-17.pdf

    Notice of date of commencement of the period for the exercise of public rights - Notice of the commencement of public inspection period 04.06.17.pdf

    Section 1 Annual Return - Annual Governance Statements 16-17 - Signed Annual Governance Stmt 16-17.pdf

    Section 2 Annual Return - Accounting Statements 16-17 - Signed Accounting Stmts 16-17.pdf

    End of Year Bank Reconciliation 16-17 - Signed EOY Bank Reconciliation 16-17.pdf